My name is Matthew Futtere. I design broadheads for bow hunters and needed to test these designs on the toughest animal roaming North America.  That would be the Wild Boar! Big ones! Finding these North American Rhinoceros beasts and getting them consistently within bow range was a very difficult endeavor. That is until my fellow US Navy Veteran buddy Greg King and I perfected the Hoglog!

Now, we simply choose an area best suited for a hunt location. Taking into account prevelent wind direction, thermals, most likely direction hogs arrive/depart from bedding/water, path to/from blind, etc.  Once the ideal ambush location is chosen. Simply drive a T-Post into the ground that distance from the blind within your effective shooting range of your choice of weapon. Slip the steel cable loop of the Hoglog over this anchor point. Fill the feeder with corn, secure the lid and lay the feeder on the ground.  The pigs WILL smell the corn, come in to investigate the free food and naturally try to "Root" some corn from the Hoglog. They are VERY intelligent animals and soon learn that if they keep rooting the hoglog....more delicious corn will fall out of the holes that they can keep eating!  There is only a small amount of corn delivered to keep the hogs interested enough in continuing to push the Hoglog that they will push it all night long! We've not found ANY other feeder method that is more cost effective,  durable and reliably puts those monster boars as well as all other hogs within bow range!

The Hoglog is truly a phenomenally simple method giving you massive fun in always trying top your largest boar hog or your buddies largest boar hog!  Your trail camera will show the Dominant boar or sow of the area will consistently take ownership of this free food! Giving you confidence you're more likely to launch an arrow than spend night after night wondering if  any pig will show up.  There is NO DOUBT pigs come to the the Hoglog day after day, night after night! Like having an open bar 24/7 for sailors!  Being a Veteran of the US Navy... I can assure you...Drinking will happen as consistently! So get some Hoglogs, put them out on your property and control where the hogs go. Enjoy how consistently you too will be able to kill the biggest boar in the woods!