The HOGLOG is the ONLY consistent manner to put these Monster Boars where you can easily arrow them year round!

The Dominant boar or sow always takes control of the HOGLOG! Putting that trophy reliably within range repeatedly!

Only $100 Plus Shipping delivers to your door the easiest and most consistent fun you'll ever experience hunting pigs!

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The HOGLOG! Putting the biggest boars consistently within shooting range of rifle, pistol, muzzleoader, bow or crossbow for HOURS!  We engage the pigs natural tendencies to root and eat! Thus it's the pigs that power the hog specific feeder! Keeping the hogs engaged and only focused in feeding for HOURS until you decide which one and when to take the shot! The DOMINANT pig of the group will always take control giving you that perfect, relaxed shot at a true monster boar! The most cost effective, simplest, most reliable, animal specific feeder on the market!


The Hogs will push the Hoglog around and around for hours making what we've come to call "Redneck Crop Circles"!